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What is Multidimensional Anxiety Test

What is Multidimensional Anxiety Test 1

Want to know about the reality of the multidimensional anxiety test trending on TikTok? TikTok is a popular platform full of new trends popping out every day. We mostly hear of dance, music, celebrity trends, and some daily life challenges.

Now, the fancy term “multidimensional anxiety test, sadness test, or anger test goes viral on TikTok. Many people are taking the test and sharing their reviews.

But what exactly is the multidimensional anxiety test and where you can get it. Can it really help you in diagnosing the anxiety level?

Keep on reading the full guide to get the right answers.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is basically a health condition. It is related to anticipation of the future and overwhelming feelings of fear and sadness. A person with anxiety feels nervous, tense, and unable to relax.

Anxiety may be a normal reaction to stress or the cause of anxiety disorder. The symptoms of the anxiety disorder interfere with daily work. It affects your schoolwork, job performance, or relationships.

By stats, anxiety disorder is the prevailing health condition in the US. About 40 million adults in the US suffer from anxiety. The symptoms start in adults before age 21. The exact causes of the anxiety disorder are unknown. But certain medications can help in treatment.

What is a Multidimensional Anxiety Test?

A multidimensional anxiety test is a questionnaire available online. You can answer the simple questions to know about your mental health.

After you complete all the questions, the result is displayed on the screen. It shows your stats on the scale as compared to the average of the public.

The questionnaire consists of 35 questions in total. Each question comprises two options, agree or disagree. You have to select the answer by the colored boxes.

What is Multidimensional Anxiety Test 2

Where You can get the Multidimensional Anxiety Test?

If you are curious to know about your anxiety level, you can simply approach the test online. Go to the website of the IDR labs that have created the test. The test is free of cost and provides immediate results.

IDR labs state that the test is prepared by the research professionals experienced in physiological and personality testing. The test assesses four sublevels of anxiety to validate test results.

How Does The Multidimensional Anxiety Test show Results?

The results of the test are shown on screen in the form of a pie graph. The graph consists of five scales with a different standard percentages. The percentage of your results relates to those of the public.

The five terms used on the scale are as follows:

Physical Effects

It refers to the wide range of physiological changes as a consequence of anxiety. These changes include, fight, flight, increased heartbeat, and triggered response to unexpected stimuli. Anxiety symptoms can also include changes in sleeping and eating pattern.

Cognitive Impairment

Indicates the presence of exaggerated and fearful thoughts that occupies the person’s cognition. Thus, cognitive impairment interferes with mental abilities and feels over-powering at all times.

Behavioral Impact

Explains all the behaviors that a person adopts to cope with anxiety. Common responses include isolation or avoidance. Or it may involve engaging in unhealthy activities like alcohol overuse or other drugs.

Negative Emotionality

Involves the negative emotions resulting from anxiety. These may be fear, sadness, irritability, apprehension, or hopelessness.

Total Anxiety

The last scale of the multidimensional anxiety test is total anxiety. It indicates your overall level of anxiety. A high percentage means a high anxiety degree.

What is Multidimensional Anxiety Theory?

Various models have been proposed to evaluate the effect of anxiety. The multidimensional anxiety theory becomes the basis for the multidimensional anxiety test.

Multidimensional anxiety theory states that anxiety is multidimensional and is based on two components, cognitive anxiety, and somatic anxiety.

It simply states that an increase in cognitive anxiety state (worry) had a negative effect on the person’s performance.

  • Cognitive anxiety: It refers to the negative expectations, worries, and concerns about oneself. A cognitive anxiety state involves the potential failures, outcomes, and evaluation to disrupt competitive performance.
  • Somatic Anxiety: It refers to the increase in a person’s physiological arousal. A somatic anxiety state is characterized by a rapid heartbeat, muscle tension, sweating, and other feelings.

Anxiety in Children

Not only adults, but children also experience anxiety. As per CDC stats, 7.1% of the children aged 3-17 suffer from anxiety.

Apart from fear or anxious thoughts, various symptoms occur in children. They can get irritable, angry, or may feel sleeping trouble. Physical symptoms may appear including stomachaches, fatigue, or headache.

It is necessary to consult the healthcare provider for treating children’s anxiety. If you want a self-reporting anxiety test for children, you can use the MASC.

Multidimensional Anxiety Scale for Children (MASC)

The multidimensional anxiety scale of children is a questionnaire available online. It is 39 items self-supporting questionnaire to assess anxiety in children and adolescents. The MASC is marked for children of ages 8-18 years.

The multidimensional anxiety scale for children uses four basic scales for assessment:

  • Physical symptoms
  • Harm avoidance
  • Social anxiety
  • Separation

A scale of total anxiety and two additional parameters of inconsistency and anxiety disorder support the results.

How to Answer the Questions?

Participants can rate their own behavior on a four-point answer scale. You can mark:

0-Never true about me

1-rarely true about me

2-Sometimes true about me

3-Often true about me

Symptoms of Anxiety

Normal to moderate anxiety symptoms patients can perform normal in life. But with the high anxiety, patients feel difficulty and experience bad symptoms. Symptoms of anxiety vary from person to person depending on severity.  Following are the common symptoms of anxiety.

  • Physical symptoms: headache, increased heartbeat, shortness of breath, dizziness, feeling of fear, sweat, fidgeting, racing thoughts, or crying.
  • Moderate to extreme changes in behavior to avoid daily activities or engaging in bad habits
  • Anxious or fearful thoughts that interfere with your life. These thoughts get worsen with time and the person feels captured.

The multidimensional anxiety test asses the following four sublevels of anxiety.

  • Physical
  • Cognitive
  • Emotional
  • Behavioral signs

Ways to Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most prevalent health conditions among adults. Treating anxiety can be tricky and needs time for treatment. If you feel moderate symptoms, you can treat them with some tips.

Try these immediate things when you feel anxious or stressed.

Enough Sleep

Proper sleep and rest aid in returning your body to normal condition. If you feel symptoms of anxiety, set your goal of getting 7 hours of sleep a day.

Change your Mind

Immediately changing your position diverts your mind from anxious thoughts. You can practice yoga, listen to music, meditate, or engage in relaxing activities.


Regular exercise eases the body by releasing hormones that soothe the brain. Moving the body decrease muscles tension and lowers anxious feelings.

Eat balanced Meal

Junk food or skipping meals lowers the body’s energy. Eat healthy snacks and food rich in nutrients. Nutrients in the balanced diet help in keeping the body calmer.

Fidget Anxiety Rings

Fidget anxiety rings are a great way to cope with anxiety. Fidgeting with the ring soothes the brain and body to calm the fearful thoughts. You can wear it daily to assist your overwhelming thoughts in the office, home, or school. They come in various elegant designs to perfectly fit your normal life.

Final Thoughts

Anxiety symptoms interfere with the normal functioning of one’s life. Multidimensional anxiety test is in trend these days to detect the anxiety level. The questions assess the basic scales to provide results by comparing with the average public. You can use this test if you are suffering from anxiety symptoms.

It is better to consult a healthcare provider if you feel severe symptoms. Some immediate tips can help you in relieving symptoms of anxiety including exercise or fidget anxiety rings.

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